Webinar Recording - Exposed: The Secrets of Successful Data Management

How many times have you heard about (or experienced) one of these 3 scenarios:

There’s been an important data warehousing or business intelligence initiative in response to a key business need. It was time and resource intensive. After deployment, there’s a niggling sense of frustration because:

  1. The business users feel that they aren’t getting the anticipated value and that they can’t entirely trust the data because inconsistencies have come to light.
  2. There’s a tidal wave of remedial and maintenance work for the technical team to manage, in addition to its day-to-day responsibilities.
  3. It’s hard for the technical project owner to isolate and resolve underlying causes of issues that arise while managing the work necessary to provide a good service to business consumers of the data.

These situations are all too common – costly projects designed to achieve value from data assets don’t deliver sufficiently well, placing an increasing burden on technical teams to keep up with the demands of their business customers. In fact, 70% of data-related projects fail in some way.

Only 30% of data-related projects succeed, and you’ll learn why in this 40-minute webinar

This webinar is a high-level briefing covering the highlights of a successful one-day seminar. You’ll learn how to:

  • Guarantee success with any data management project
  • Pinpoint and address data issues before they cause problems
  • Achieve maintainability as your data and the technology landscape evolve

About the Presenter

Rob Davenport, Healthcare Domain Expert

Rob has more than 25 years’ experience of software development, product development, product management and strategic consulting at the highest levels, specialising in mission-critical data management. He is responsible for the strategic direction and development of Insource’s product suites.